​Buc Families, we hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season!   We are excited for the new semester and will continue to bring you important updates on PTSA events, activities and programs in support of our students, teachers/staff and families!

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Class is Full for Spring, 2022

Virtual SAT Prep class is sponsored by your Buccaneer PTSA. Your Buccaneer PTSA has been providing this low cost 4 week SAT Prep class for over 10 years with great success. Class size is limited to promote a good student to instructor ratio.


We are taking waitlist names in case another class opens up in the spring.  We are checking with instructors on availability.  Please email us at if interested in being put on the waitlist.  Thank you.  


For those who missed Coffee Talk on 1/7, we've got you covered!  Please click on the red "Coffee Talk Recording" button and check it out!

At almost 1800 students strong, we don't have to tell you Allatoona High School is a big place.  Parents always ask PTSA the best way to get their arms around what's going on here. Two words, friends:  Coffee Talk.

The first Friday of every month, we host an hour-long discussion led by our principal, Candace Wilkes.  Parents are invited to come right to the heart of our school, the AHS Media Center, and meet Mrs. Wilkes, her admin team, counselors, and our PTSA board.  Last year, when school reopened after the pandemic, we began hosting Coffee Talk virtually.  This year, we're having a ball being back in person, but we've continued the online option as well.

Now we're making it even easier for you to access all things Allatoona!  Recordings of Coffee Talk will be posted here on our website.  You can listen at your convenience, and even ask questions! Email them to and we'll pass them along to Mrs. Wilkes at the next meeting. 


It's PTSA's goal to provide ways for parents to "plug in," that's when our students are most successful.  Thank you, Buc families, for your engagement!   

If you have not joined Buccaneer PTSA, please become a member today!  Help us ensure Allatoona High School is the very best it can be. From providing classroom grants and college scholarships to hosting Coffee Talk with the principal... your dues work hard to support all Allatoona parents, teachers and students!

We have a variety of memberships available!  100% of your membership dollars support PTA initiatives.


Join today by 1) Clicking on the link below or 2) Scanning the QR Code.  Your Membership Counts! 

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